"Working with Kimberly was the miracle I had been looking for"

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Kimberly believes that every human being is born to fully express

who they are and that the foundation for this is one of self-

acceptance.  An audacious warrior for self-love who ‘walks the

talk’, Kimberly’s healing journey of befriending her own dragons

provides her with a level of empathy and understanding which

evokes a compassionate approach in her work with others.

Kimberly has a genuine love for humanity which is evident when you are in her presence. Her authentic and easy-going nature create an inviting atmosphere where people feel immensely comfortable to do deep and meaningful healing work.  Keenly intuitive, she engages intently while assisting individuals to discover and connect the various pieces of the puzzle of their varied life experiences.  This unique approach supports her clients’ healing process by allowing them to become more heart-centred, and to take ownership of the journey of their life experiences with curiosity and compassion.  This strengthens the mind-body-spirit integration and empowers the individual to deeply nourish themselves back into their own wholeness and well-being.

Kimberly’s vocation is to nourish soulful healing.  It was this calling that led her on the path to obtain her designation as a Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner (CAIEHP™ Langara College) with a focused specialty in releasing somatically held trauma.  She has completed an International Internship in Pondicherry (Auroville), India, with a team of fellow practitioners in co-developing and co-facilitating a wellness curriculum for teen girls at the Government School in Edayanchavadi, India.  In addition to this, Kimberly has provided Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH™) practices as a supportive treatment in the healing journey of clients in substance abuse recovery at a residential treatment facility, mental health support facility and eating disorder clinics.

Insatiably curious, she continues to learn, grow and seek more knowledge through integrating sound healing therapy, aromatherapy, stone medicine and core shaman practices into her healing work.  Kimberly is also a certified graduate of the Langara College 'Strategic Resilience For First Responders' program. This certification provides a consciousness‐based trauma focus, and supports a wide range of emergency front line staff with practices and resilience informed strategies that support health promotion, and also work to reverse the outcomes of prolonged unrelenting stress. The aim here is self‐advocacy through resilience‐based primary prevention

Kimberly is also an admired Program Leader for Excellence Seminars International, delivering a number of self-discovery and empowerment courses to encourage and assist individuals to realize their full potential.  Her energy, enthusiasm and humour create an infectious combination as a sensitive and authentic facilitator. Her passion for living a meaningful and fulfilling life is evident in everything she does, and this truly inspires others to go after and actualize their life-long goals and dreams. Kimberly is committed to making a difference in our world through strengthening the fabric of goodwill with her W.I.N.G.S. initiative.