What To Expect In A Session

Certified Practitioners in AIEH™ are trained in re-patterning the client's biofield, in reading the physical structure, as well as assisting in the release of somatically held trauma and building resilience within the client. The practitioner and client work together to co-create and develop a healing plan that includes self-care strategies and teachings that both empower and nourish the individual, intending to support the full integration of the energy healing session.

The session begins with an awareness dialogue and current health check-in and the client determining their intention and focus for the healing treatment.  In-chair exercises may be included to assist the client to become more grounded, relaxed, and present. The client will then move to the treatment table (fully clothed) while the practitioner scans and assesses their biofield and chakras.  The practitioner provides a healing treatment of 60-75 minutes in duration, using a combination of gentle touch and/or a hands off approach, according to client preferences. The practitioner may use dialogue and closed-eye visualizations to enhance biofield re-patterning.


Upon completion, the practitioner will have a brief dialogue to discuss the client’s experience and insights from the treatment session, while co-creating the self-care plan to nourish resilience and integration.