The Epic Oceanfront SalubDayCation

We think that you're working really hard these days and that you could really use some downtime with a good dose of self-nourishment.  Life is busy and perhaps taking a week off isn't realistic right now.  Maybe you're just needing to carve out some time for self-reflection.  It's great to know there is a getaway that so close and so easy to access, that leaves you feeling completely restored, replenished and relaxed at the end of the day!

Take A Day Off

Consider booking yourself in for an epic self-care day at Salubrious Studio - an oceanfront day retreat destination.  Our SalubDayCation package is available for a limited time and to a limited amount of guests, so we encourage you to secure your day soon.

Your day includes a thoughtful itinerary put together for you to maximize the benefits of the destination.  Your day includes an Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ treatment designed to nourish and restore your energy.  This treatment is followed up with a 45 minute mindfulness session in the oceanside meditation cave - a tranquil space for journaling, meditation or quiet reflection.  

Our Holistic Nutritionist will then provide you with a healthy and light luncheon served alfresco in the oceanfront kitchen, in addition to preparing a personalized 5 day meal profile based on your preferences and nutritional goals.

Lunch is followed with a relaxing massage integrating deep tissue massage and cranial sacral subtleties to create a luxurious therapeutic massage experience.

Enjoy the rest of the day off and relax on the dock, soak in the hot tub, or read a book by the fire table - it's time to unplug and deepen the restoration of your well-being.