Each of my sessions with Kimberly has been unbelievable.  There is something special that happens at each session.....I receive exactly what I need at the moment.  That’s a testament to Kimberly’s intuitive and caring approach.  As my treatment comes to a close, I always feel like I’m returning from a faraway journey......a journey of (re)finding my true self!


My most recent visit was scheduled at a very busy time for me as far as work is concerned.  “Busy” meaning lots to do and a generous portion of stress.  I definitely needed to recharge and gear up for the continued weeks ahead, and Kimberly ‘s treatment was exactly what I needed.  I felt such inner peace, a recharge of my inner batteries, a calming of my spirit and, as I opened my eyes at the end of the treatment to come back to ‘now’, I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear with the positive energy that filled my heart and soul.  


There’s Magic in each session.  Part of that comes from the entire setting - a little piece of Heaven........and the added Magic that is Kimberly herself and what she brings to the sessions.

- Derek McCracken

I love Advanced Integrative Energy Healing!! 


One of the great things about my AIEH sessions with Kimberly is that the effects are very real! I can be prone to skepticism, but the results are completely undeniable. Kimberly has also been an amazing source of support in actualizing my goals in connecting with my spiritual identity, in addition to diving deeper into my real life challenges. 


For over a decade I have battled multiple forms of mood and eating disorders, and countless other insecurities since childhood. While I had tools and resources to cope, most of these techniques only seemed to help at a superficial level. I didn't realize how much these issues were all still weighing me down, until they were being released in these sessions. It was like I was tackling my struggles like pulling a weed at the stem. These sessions are digging out the roots. It has freed up so much energetic and emotional congestion I was carrying, and I now do more, experience more, and my goals are gaining more and more momentum everyday. It's healing all the parts of me I didn't know I wasn't fixing on my own. I feel like I venture on a mini mental retreat every session, its worth it just to come out feeling as relaxed and refreshed as I always do - the bonus is that the effects last. 


Kimberly is such an amazing source of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. The level of care and dedication that she provides, plus the very scenic and tranquil environment of the studio create a euphoric level experience each time.


Treating myself to the Parinama package has been one of my best investments in myself to date! 


- Jessica Roskell

Life had gotten me caught up in people’s energies and expectations.  I think that it’s very easy to get busy and stressed in today’s society and I think that it’s just nice to get such a wonderful treatment…when my session is finished with Kimberly, I just feel so balanced and peaceful.  


I highly recommend Kimberly - she is very insightful, very intuitive and she has definitely helped me to have more self-care in my life. She is really ‘present’ when she is in a session and gives great value for what she does.  She has such a big heart and she really cares.  She’s very generous with her time - even after the session she always checks in with me.  It’s just nice how much she cares.  I feel that she’s really there for me.


I think that we all need to have a treatment!  I can only say for myself that I work hard and I am busy, and when I go to see her I feel it’s the best treatment - it’s kind of like a “spiritual massage”.  Plus, going out to the oceanfront studio is out of this world!  After the session she allows you to sit there for 5 or 10 minutes and you’re looking out on the ocean, seeing all of the city lights there — it’s truly heaven on earth. 


- Bill Goold





The moment I stepped into Kimberly Nonis’ Salubrious I knew this was something different.

I have Fibromyalgia, and I’d seen every kind of health-care provider, both traditional and non-traditional, you can think of, and a few you probably can’t. Some had helped. Most had not. But this was something different.

The difference was Kimberly.

I have never experienced anyone in any of the myriad branches of health care who is as thorough, compassionate, and giving as this woman. When she is “in session” she is completely focused on her client. Her softly voiced and gentle treatment has done more to relieve my pain than anything else I’ve tried.  Medication – the kind that’s strong enough to have an impact on Fibromyalgia pain – makes me very ill, and wears off after a few hours. But Kimberly’s treatments have me virtually pain-free for WEEKS.

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that Kimberly chose to study Advanced Integrative Energy Healing, and that she accepted me as a client!

- Debra Simms


I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to Kimberly’s healing work. I have been dealing with issues of childhood trauma and how it has been locked in my body for many years.

Through her intuitive nature and gentle guidance I have been able to move through this.  I have come through to the other side where I feel whole and grounded. I am no longer feeling depressed or anxious. When there are moments of these feelings that show up, I now have the tools to use that helps me to work through them. My family relationships have improved along with my relationship with myself.  Feeling peaceful is now a normal feeling for me rather than the anxiety I had in the past.  I have done many different healing modalities and I can say that working with Kimberly has produced the best results for me. Thank you Kimberly for the work you do.


If you are considering seeing Kimberly, take the leap of faith and do it.  You will find it an amazing, gentle and fully supported experience.

~ Tamara Rossander, South Surrey BC


Having struggled with chronic health problems, and suffering from the anxiety and depression that can come with increased limitations they create in life, my journey was desperate for the type of healing that Kimberly offered. My work with her not only helped me deal with my ongoing physical pain, but was also an integral part of starting the internal, emotional, and spiritual work that I knew on a deep level needed to be done. Years of feeling like I wasn't as good as my old self, or that I wasn't pulling my weight financially or otherwise had really begun to dampen my spirit. My world began to be surrounded by the negatives; what I could no longer do, what I no longer had, burdens, debts etc. I had lost hope in myself, my capabilities and my future.


The Advanced Integrative Energy Healing helped to open my eyes to what I was missing; what I WAS still able to do, the gifts that my soul still had to give, all the people that were unconditionally loving and supportive in my circle. During sessions, my body seemed weightless (which never happens!), I had peace I rarely had internally, and I connected to parts of myself I hadn't known for years or had never even been conscious of.


Kimberly is a beacon of light and was meant to be doing this type of work. Her compassion, ability to connect on a deep level, and incredible insightfulness were just what I needed. I began to be able to see my body as beautiful, fully whole and capable. My sense of spirituality which had all but been shut down, began to open up again, and I was able to feel a part of something bigger. My negativity and anxiety began to slowly be replaced by positivity, hopefulness and calm. Although I know my healing journey is still ongoing and there will be more obstacles to overcome, I have begun to see these as opportunities rather than punishments. Living with this new viewpoint of my body, my relationships and my world has changed my life for the better and I cannot recommend this work enough. Healing at this deep of a level, on this personal of a scale cannot be found in traditional medical modalities. Connecting to myself through energy healing with Kimberly was the most powerful gift I've ever received. 

~ C.H.


One thing I know without question is within Kimberly’s inspiring waterfront studio, I experienced a profound and gorgeous transformational treatment that was felt on a beautiful cellular level. 💖  Kimberly was able to take me to an empowering place of co-creating extraordinary shifts within my being. It was the first time the "eyes of my eyes" were opened as I observed Kimberly's unique talent and skilled techniques - simply described as Golden Liquid Love!  

I would highly recommend Kim to anyone and everyone who wants to take their health to the next level.  It simply was the most significant and memorable treatment I have ever experienced. From the bottom to the top of my heart, Thank you Kimberly!

💖 ~M. Raymond



As someone who's experienced lots of trauma in life, I thought I had done a great job of healing myself.  What I learned in working with Kimberly was the residual imprint this trauma had left in my body....my heart was closed and I was experiencing bouts of outright rage that I did not understand and this was dramatically impacting my dental health.  In her gentle and caring way, Kimberly helped me open my heart to receive love by releasing major threads I was not even aware of.


The results in my life since working with her have blown me away:  I released 40 pounds of weight, improved my dental health and even improved receding gum lines, my heart now speaks to me by constricting and opening more and more each day, I completed my Master's degree, I dealt with unhealthy debt loads and have attracted the most wonderful relationship in my life.  


Working with Kimberly was the miracle I had been looking for! 





I began seeing Kimberly as I was looking for peace and acceptance.  I had found that I was just 'getting through' and not experiencing as much joy and appreciation as I wanted to.  I began on a path towards wellness, concentrating on lowering stress, eating better, drinking less  and exercising more.  My sessions with Kimberly were part of my wellness plan, and they really helped me focus not only on the behaviors I was looking to build, but on how I thought about myself and those around me.

I have experienced a major shift not only in my outlook on life and feeling of being 'right in the world', my self-care habits are much stronger, my stress level is greatly reduced, and it has become really easy to make decisions about how I choose to spend my time.  Things are falling into place with ease.  One of the best outcomes has been how my body feels - the aches and pains that were becoming a normal part of my daily experience are gone, especially in my knees and back.

I will be continuing to see Kimberly, but moving into a maintenance

basis now, as each session builds upon the previous. Advanced Integrated Energy Healing has become a foundation of wellness for me.

With love and appreciation,

Lee B



I had the honor of meeting Kimberly in 2017. Kimberly is a loving human being with the gift of healing. She gives you the space to be you and to let whatever shows up show up.

I suffer from two autoimmune diseases and childhood trauma. In a few short months I feel lighter and more empowered with my body and life.

-Terri S.