What is Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™?


AIEH™ is a gentle, full-spectrum healing therapy that  is designed to place the whole person at the forefront of the healing process – nourishing and balancing the individual physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  


Bridging ancient Eastern teachings with contemporary Western science, this highly effective therapeutic modality integrates the principles of Biofield theory, somatic awareness dialogue and consciousness-based integral yoga psychology.  This holistic approach awakens your body's innate healing potential – often providing restorative and transformative results for the client.



Highly Effective Treatments For:


  • maintaining optimum health and well-being

  • chronic pain and illness

  • trauma

  • injury and acute pain

  • stress and anxiety

  • grief and loss

  • supporting addiction and eating disorder recovery

  • pre/post surgical procedures




“...Advanced Integrative

Energy Healing has

become a foundation of wellness for me.”